Day 13 | Closet Completion and Painting

Day 13 – The Second Saturday  (a.k.a. the second full work day)

Today Ali and Whitney helped me pack up our apartment while Jason helped Kevin move all of the loose insulation (ick!) in the attic that lies above the dining room into other parts of the attic so that the ceiling plaster in the dining room can be removed.

The girls moved all of our clothes from our apartment into our new closet at the house. Timmy and Kevin did a second coat of primer in the bedroom and then began painting the room with my favored paint, Coventry Gray from Benjamin Moore. They also painted the trim, the pocket door, and moved the outlet in the bathroom.

Closet Solution from IKEA

Closet Solution from IKEA

Closet installed and being filled!

Thanks to Ali and Whitney for helping me put the clothes away!

Isn't this color the best?

Isn’t this color the best?

Thanks Whitney!

Thanks Whitney!


HELPERS: Ali, Whitney, Timmy, Jason, Steven Albano

VISITORS: Lenny Celaya, Kelsey, Elissa



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