Day 14 | THE Move

Day 14

Kevin picked up a U-Haul this morning and began getting the apartment ready for THE move. We couldn’t be more grateful for such great friends who gave up their afternoons to help us. We got everything in the apartment packed and into the U-Haul in about 1.5 hours and everything unloaded into the garage of the house in about 15 minutes! Until the house is liveable we will be house-hopping between our parents. We dropped off the truck and cleaned up our apartment for the last time.

We came back to the house and Kevin patched holes in the bathroom and fixed drywall, I removed the tack strip in the bedroom, and he put the handles onto our closet drawers.

Loading up the truck...

Loading up the truck…

The loading crew!

The loading crew!

Unloading the piano...

Unloading the piano…

The unloading crew!

The unloading crew!

HELPERS: Ali, Whitney, Matt & Nicole Baker, Sallie & Brandon Burroughs, Jake, Timmy, Rob Macleod, Mike Vogt, Matt Milburn, Steven Albano, Kelsey, Josh, Claire Hillis, and Mom. U

VISITORS: Blake and Gina Eden



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