Day 34 | New Laundry Idea

Day 34

Mitchell, our electrician, began mapping out where we wanted light switches and outlets. We purchased the cans for the recessed lighting in the dining room and kitchen and the pendants for over the island. Our friend and plumber, Kenny Esquivel, helped us think through plumbing issues in the kitchen.

We removed the mudroom/laundry room during the demolition to make way for a larger kitchen. However that left us with the problem of figuring out where to put our washer and dryer. We did not want to move it to our detached garage because it’s too far away, we did not want to build a laundry room and sacrifice space in our family room, we couldn’t move it to our master closet because that would require moving a water line there, there is no room in our bathrooms, SO we decided to… drum roll please… put it underneath our kitchen island! I loved this idea because it offers a great surface for folding clothes, it is in the central location of our house and easy to get to, and it is very close to a sink for any kind of special washing instructions. Done and done.

Kevin imagining what we can do with all of this open space.

Kevin imagining what we can do with all of this open space.

No ceiling, no walls... brrrr

No ceiling, no walls… brrrr

VISITORS: Grandma, Aunt Kathy, Bethany, and Suzy & Kenny Esquivel


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