Day 62 | Cabinets Arrived

Day 62

Today we finished adding the moldings to the dining room and Kevin ripped up more flooring in the dining room to begin leveling out where it was ramping up. The previous owner added the master bedroom and family room to the house in the 90s. This addition was built on a slab foundation set a few inches higher than the original house. So to transition from the dining room to the family room you had to slightly step up. To compensate for this, the previous owner sloped his wood floors to hide the gap, which looked and felt very uneven and cheap. When we pulled off the flooring, and leveled the dining room we thought we could just make the transition an actual step, but unfortunately it was not high enough. So now we are trying to decide what that transition piece will look like.


The kitchen cabinets were delivered today! They just need to be assembled… the one downfall to ordering from Ikea.

HELPERS: Uncle John’s Crew


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