Parker at 9 months!

On Parker’s 9 month milestone we took new family photos with our favorite photographer, Valentina Glidden. She has an easy going, calm spirit about her that makes our time together peaceful and enjoyable. These months of parenthood have blown by so quickly, we seek out every opportunity to pause and capture these precious moments.


 RietzeFamily2015_42 RietzeFamily2015_37RietzeFamily2015_38 RietzeFamily2015_62 RietzeFamily2015_64 RietzeFamily2015_49 RietzeFamily2015_52 RietzeFamily2015_55 RietzeFamily2015_57 RietzeFamily2015_35  RietzeFamily2015_41  RietzeFamily2015_21 RietzeFamily2015_27 RietzeFamily2015_01 RietzeFamily2015_02 RietzeFamily2015_06

Photographer: Valentina Glidden


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