Baby #2

Whenever we reach a major life milestone we tend to want to photograph it. So having only a few weeks left of pregnancy with #2, we contacted our friend and photographer, Valentina Glidden, to meet us at Easley Canyon in Pasadena for a quick shoot. We only had a short window of time to work with after getting home from work, with good sunlight, a toddler (and her baby), with the park closing at 7 so we hopped on the freeway and rushed over. After a series of unfortunate events (a major brush fire that was heavily showering us with ash, having to return for missing camera parts, and a wild toddler) she somehow managed to capture these “quiet” moments of motherhood. It was a crazy afternoon, but I have a feeling our life is only going to get crazier in these next few weeks…

Photos by Valentina Glidden Photography

rietzematernitybyvalentinaglidden_41 rietzematernitybyvalentinaglidden_14 rietzematernitybyvalentinaglidden_18 rietzematernitybyvalentinaglidden_08 rietzematernitybyvalentinaglidden_28rietzematernitybyvalentinaglidden_13rietzematernitybyvalentinaglidden_30 rietzematernitybyvalentinaglidden_01



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