Our Icelandic/English Adventure – Day 1

Kevin and I just got to take a trip of a lifetime and leave the kids for 8 days while we adventured across the ocean.

Kevin was invited to attend a civil engineering work conference in Manchester, England and we decided to turn it into a vacation and have me tag along. We searched for cheap flights (and found them on WOW Air!), asked the grandma’s for their blessing (since they’d be babysitting), and then booked it! Take a peek into our travel diary and possibly take some of the ideas for when you book YOUR trip… because you totally should book a trip to Iceland (Sidenote: We decided to include Iceland in our trip because WOW Air offers stop-overs to Iceland en route to a European destination without changing the cost of your ticket! So we took advantage of it and stayed 4 days in Iceland and 4 days in England. I saw some flights for only $350!).


Levi’s Frozen Meals for the Week √

Goodbye LA!

We didn’t sleep at all the night before we left because we were packing, cleaning the house, making sure all of the kids’ stuff was in order etc. So we kissed our babies goodbye early Tuesday morning and boarded our flight around 11:30 AM! We planned on sleeping on the plane however we encountered a sleepless 8 hour flight and arrived in Keflavik at around 4:30 AM their time. We located our rental car covered in snow and decided to go find breakfast. What we discovered was that since it was dark until about 10 AM many businesses were not open! We drove around for about an hour in search of something “local” but had to resort to the only thing open… Dunkin Donuts. After our fairly disappointing breakfast, we headed on over to the Blue Lagoon… which quickly became the best part of the entire trip!

There were two types of facial masks that you could try. One cleansing and one moisturizing. They were amazing!

Soaking in a massive geothermal pool while it was snowing was an incredible experience, and the perfect way to unwind after the flight. I highly recommend doing the Blue Lagoon on your arrival date because it is only 30 minutes from the KEF airport and a great way to relax. When we arrived it was still pitch dark so it was fun to be in the pool while the sun was rising! The resort had lots of things to do. There was a swim up bar for drinks, a waterfall, steam room, sauna, restaurant, and gift shop. We stayed for a good four hours before making our trek to Reykjavik to find our Air BnB.

At this point we were going on 30+ hours of no sleep, nice and relaxed, and incredibly tired. So we grabbed a quick bite to eat at the first place we spotted and got our first experience of highly priced Icelandic food. Two burgers and fries… $50.

Once we arrived at our AirBnB we finally fell asleep and woke up about 5 hours later ready for dinner and a chance to explore old town Reykjavik. 



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