Our Icelandic/English Adventure – Day 4

Day 4

We have started a trend of not sleeping the night before we fly I guess because last night we decided to hunt for the Northern Lights before catching our flight to London at 6am. Unfortunately because it was so cloudy we only caught glimpses, but I already want to come back in search for them again. So we said goodbye to Iceland and made our sleepy way to London.

When we arrived we had to figure out how to get the train/tube/taxi to Picadilly Square where we were staying. It just so happened that there was a women’s march today protesting, newly elected President Trump, so the subway and streets were packed with people! We finally made it to our cute hotel that just so happened to be centrally located. We then got to meet up with my cousins-cousin to have lunch and get a local’s tour of the city.

They took us to a really cool restaurant called the Flat Iron.

Pete & Charlie.

We got a good taste of London with Pete and Charlie and were ready to explore more tomorrow!



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