Our Icelandic/English Adventure – Days 6-8

Day 6

Today was the first day of Kevin’s conference so I had the entire day to myself to explore Manchester. I looked up on pinterest “things to do in Manchester” and then arrived at Chetham’s School of Music to explore the oldest library in the English speaking world. I was able to go on a tour with only two other people and the tour guide was so thorough and knowledgeable.

Afterwards I explored the Manchester Cathedral and thoroughly enjoyed myself while sipping tea and eating a scone at ProperTea.

Later that evening I met back up with Kevin and we had a late dinner together at a pub we found nearby.

Day 7

Kevin’s conference had two more days in session so I left before him and as crazy as it sounds, I boarded a train and went BACK to London! I would have flown home from Manchester but it would have made the ticket price so much more, so I had to go back to London to fly home… however there were no trains that would get me there on time so I had to get there the day before. Thankfully Pete and Charlie let me stay with them overnight.

So I arrived back in London and had a few hours to kill until Pete and Charlie were finished with work, so I walked around the city again and saw St. Paul’s Cathedral (where Princess Diana was married).

Later Pete picked me up from the train station and drove me to their cute house where Charlie had appetizers awaiting my arrival! They then took me to dinner at a proper 600 year old English pub where Pete’s entire family was waiting for us. I met the Martin family when my Aunt Sally and Uncle Matt took me to England in jr. high (they are my Aunt’s brother and family). We have since kept in touch via Facebook and a couple of visits they’ve had to the states since then. Although we aren’t directly related they took me in and made me feel like family. It was the perfect way to end this whirlwind trip!

Day 8

Early in the morning Pete drove me to Gatwick Airport on his way to work and I began my trek back home. I thankfully met two really nice people on both of my flights home and they kept it entertaining. After 20+ hours of traveling, Kelsey and Sue graciously picked me up from the airport and took me home! I could hardly wait to see my babies. When I walked in the house Parker looked at me and said, “Hi mama!” and gave me a big hug. I let him sleep with me in my bed that night and my mom was gracious enough to stay ANOTHER night and help with Levi so that I could actually get some rest. Could not have done this trip without her, grandma Jill, and my dad! What a blessing it is to have such a supportive family that lives nearby… we don’t take it for granted!



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